Onion And Garlic – Ever Available Natural Treatment For Hair Loss

Natural Treatment For Hair Loss – Safe And Effective Results

Herbs and plant extracts including various oils are known to be a great natural treatment for hair loss. Did you know that that the ever available onion and garlic in our kitchens are one of the most effective natural treatment for hair loss? Treating hair loss using natural treatments not only help you stay off from the harsh side effects of chemicals found in mainstream treatments, it also helps stop hair fall when used regularly over a period of time. Going for natural treatments or products helps you stay safe, get positive results and is easy on your pocket. Onion and garlic aids in arresting hair fall in following ways:

1. It provides added nourishment to the hair follicles.

2. It removes harmful germs and parasites from the scalp that causes infection resulting in hair loss.

Natural Treatment For Hair Loss – Garlic.

Natural Treatment For Hair LossHow does Garlic help fight hair loss?

Well, garlic aids in blood circulation to the scalp and therefore provide nourishment to hair. Regular use helps strengthen hair roots, promotes hair growth and removes toxins from the scalp.

Some important tips while using Garlic:

a. An hour before going to bed, crush a garlic pod and apply in areas affected with hair loss.

b. Do not rub the garlic clove too hard on the scalp as it might pull hair and cause further hair fall.

c. Now rub olive oil into your scalp after about one hour of applying garlic.

d. Cover your hair and scalp with a shower cap before going to bed.

e. Use shampoo to clean your hair in the morning.

When used regularly for a few weeks it will give you desired results.

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Natural Treatment For Hair Loss – Onion.

Natural Treatment For Hair LossHow does Onion help fight hair loss?

Onion for years is traditionally known to be antibacterial with healing properties. It contains minerals and nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, potassium, germanium and sulfur. Sulfur is found in every cell of a human body. A huge level of sulfur in onion contributes to restoration of lost hair by aiding hair follicles grow hair. Onions also aids in reducing redness and swelling on the scalp thereby promoting the health of the scalp.

Some important tips while using Onion:

a. Extract juice of a medium to large onion and apply the juice into the scalp. But do not rub vigorously as it may pull off the hair.

b. Leave it for about thirty minutes and then wash it off using a good shampoo.

c. Applying this method of treatment daily for about six to seven weeks is known to help with hair re-growth.

Try and include garlic and onion in your diet as much as possible. Many people stay away from these because of the odor, in such cases you may also consume garlic either in powder form or as capsules. These are tested natural treatment for hair loss that does not harm your hair unlike mainstream hair care products containing harsh chemicals and toxins. Do consult your doctor before opting for garlic based supplements as it may interfere with or cause blood clotting.

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