Thinning Hair Treatment Using Lavender Oil.

Using Essential Oils As Thinning Hair Treatment?

Thinning Hair Treatment.Yes, essential oils usage is known to give proven results in treating not just hair thinning but also many other health and skin conditions like acne, burns and cuts. As a thinning hair treatment, it promotes good hair growth and even helps stop hair thinning or what we call ‘hair falling’. Thinning hair is not confined to a certain age or gender. It can happen to anyone at any age due to many reasons. It could due to stress, over use of chemical induced shampoos and hair care products. The side effects of some treatments like chemotherapy or even medications could be also be the reason for the thinning hair. One could treat the condition with proper medication, homeopathy, natural remedies etc.

Natural remedies are known to be the best option as treating hair thinning. Why? Because you get natural cure without any side effects. Besides curing the condition, most importantly it also prevents future thinning. Essential oils have been used in many cultures for over thousands of years and is believed to be the best natural remedy for treating hair thinning.

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Is Lavender Oil A Good Option For Thinning Hair Treatment?

Lavender oil, the most celebrated of all essential oils, is loved by millions around the world for its light and intoxicating fragrance. The oil is extracted from lavender flowers using a process called steam distillation trapping the goodness of oil for hair.

Thinning Hair Treatment.Lavender plant has analgesic and antiseptic properties. As it is concentrated, one has to use it in dilute form or use it along with other carrier oils. Most desirable ones come from England and France. The biggest producer of lavender oil is Bulgaria.

It has wealth of several beneficial properties and relaxing lovely scent.

a. Daily scalp massage using lavender oil helps stimulate blood circulation and thereby helps stop hair fall. In the long run, the hair grows back, all in good shine and health.

b. Because of its antiseptic and disinfecting properties, it addresses root problems of hair thinning like itching and dandruff. Continues use helps get healthy scalp and promotes hair growth.

c. It is commonly used to treat alopecia areata, a condition in which excessive hair is lost particularly in patches. Massaging the oil daily helps get hair regrow faster.

d. It blends well with jojoba, tea tree and rosemary oils. You could use the oil in combination with these oils too.

e. The calming effect of the oil help in relaxation, treat insomnia, fight depression and reduces strain enhancing mental well being. This further directly contributes to the overall well being including your crowning glory.

Using Lavender Oil Combined With A Good Lifestyle.

Try lavender oil regularly for weeks and months, the results may vary. Some would be visible just after weeks of use and other may take months. It is worth trying this wonder oil as a thinning hair treatment option. Using this oil when combined with a good lifestyle will not only help you get beautiful healthy hair but a healthy body too. A good lifestyle is to eat healthy and do regular exercise. Remember, your hair and body makes your persona that reflects nothing but your confidence level.

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